Plasmid Isolation Miniprep

Catalogue No : CPI-101

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Plasmid Isolation Miniprep is a  easy solution for plasmids miniprep preparation on benchtop using spin column based silica technology. Workflow of the technology is simple and yield product of highest purity




ApplicationPlasmid preparation
Downstream compatabilityPCR, Cloning, Sequencing, Transformation, Nucleic Acid Labeling, In Vitro Transcription
Sample TypeBacteria
Yield1-10 ug
Host strainDH5a, Top10, Stbl3, NEb stable
  • Fast method to isolate plasmids and require only 15 min 
  • High yield of plasmids are obtained
  • Traditional phenol/cholorform based method are omitted in this platform
  • Isolated plasmids are free of contaminants and thus can be directly used in downstream applications.
Content and Storage

* Spin Column, Lysis Buffer, Neutralization buffer, Wash Buffer1, Wash Buffer 2

Storage:  Room temperature


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Manuals and Protocols

User guide : Plasmid Isolation Miniprep

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