Direct Load PCR Master Mix

 Catalogue No :DLP-101

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Direct Load PCR Master mix is a unique solutions that minimises hands on time of PCR product after completion of PCR. This is ensured by direct loading of PCR product on agarose gel without any requirement of adding a loading dye into it. Master mix formulation is such that, it already includes tracking dye and loading supplements. Therefore, additional adding of loading dye from user end is not warranted

Direct load thus helps to decrease PCR product degradation and also provide convenience to users. It saves time. The unique workflow can also be advantageous for adaptation to automated platform if one wishes to do so.





Sample type DNA, cDNA, Plasmid, Bacterial Colony
PCR modeDirect load on agarose gel
ApplicationPCR, RT-qPCR, Colony PCR, Genotyping
Hot startNo
  • Direct loading of PCR product without loading dye
  • Fast, efficient and reproducible
  • Minimises hands on time and product degradation
  • Consistent quality and reliability
  • Can take varied sample type as input
Content and Storage

* 2X Master Mix containing Oyra Polymerase, MgCL2, dNTPs, additive and stabiliser


Storage:  -20 C


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Manuals and Protocols

User guide : Direct Load PCR Master Mix user manual

Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)