CloneX Vector System

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CloneX vector system is an efficient and straightforward method for cloning PCR products. The procedure exploits inherent terminal transferase activity of Taq Polymerase, which preferentially adds single Adenine (A) at 3’ end of each DNA strand in DNA duplex in the template-independent manner. Hence, most PCR product amplified by Taq DNA polymerase (Taq) possesses single 3’-A overhang. The use of a linearised vector having Thymine (T) overhang at both ends facilitates complementary base pairing of Taq amplified PCR product with cloning vector and hence allows the direct high-efficiency cloning of PCR products.





ApplicationTA Cloning
Cloning MethodLigase dependent
ModePCR to Clone Direct
Ab ResistanceAmpR
Host strainDH5a, Top10, Stbl3, NEb stable
  • Direct cloning of Taq Polymerase amplified DNA insert
  • High Efficiency of cloning
  • Easy screening method
  • Multiple cloning sites , AmpR resistance
Content and Storage

* Vector backbone, Positive Ctrl

Storage:  Room temperature


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Manuals and Protocols

User guide : Clone X vector System user manual

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